logotype_kbck.gifFriends4Life are special devotionals for people who care about women, children & families, delivered by email each week.

This archive of past devotionals is arranged alphabetically by topic. We hope these special devotionals equip you to pray for women who face unplanned pregnancies and grow in understanding about what scripture teaches about ministering to those in need.


Devotionals: Acceptance

Acceptance Doesn’t Judge By Appearances

Fourth of July Baby Helps Birth Mom Experience Acceptance

What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman


Devotionals: Advent

Advent Week 1: Why a Pregnant Woman Can Have Hope

Advent Week 2: How a Pregnant Woman Can Experience Love

Advent Week 3: You May Not Be an Angel, But You Can Be a Messenger

Advent Week 4: Peace on Earth Is One-Sided

Christmas Choices, Part 1: God’s Choice


Devotionals: Adoption 

3 Types of Adoption

5 Prayers of Thanks for Adoption

5 Questions Pregnant Women Ask When Considering Adoption

7 Simple Ways to Raise Adoption Awareness

7 Times as Many Adoptive Families for Every Child Lost to Abortion

Aborted Children Can’t Be Adopted

A Myth and a Truth About Adoption

Adoption Myth #1: You Won’t Know What Happens to Your Child

Adoption Myth #2: Placing a Child Is Irresponsible

Adoption Myth #3: There Is No Role for the Birth Father

Birthmothers in MTV Documentary Consider Adoption

Country Music Star Rodney Atkins on Adoption

Every Child Is a Wanted Child

Hope Is Born in Rape Aftermath

How to Be Ready to Share About Adoption

How To Support Women Who May Choose Adoption

In A Weak Economy, More Birth Moms Are Placing

New TV Series Highlights Unplanned Pregnancy and Adoption

No Two Adoptions Are Alike

The Power of Positive Adoption Language

President Reagan on Adoption

Sharing the Adoption Option Through Media

Surprising Facts About Adoption

What Is the Adoption Triad?

Words Matter: A Primer for Positive Adoption Language

Why Not Choose Adoption Instead?


Devotionals: Affirmation

Affirmation: Your Words Are a Prized Possession


Devotionals: Attitude

Miss Pennsylvania Turns Ashes Into Beauty


Devotionals: Babies and Children

An Unborn Baby’s Journey, Part 1: Weeks 1-8

An Unborn Baby’s Journey, Part 2: Fingerprints

An Unborn Baby’s Journey, Part 3: She Can Hear You

An Unborn Baby’s Journey, Part 4: The Unborn Feel Pain

Born This Day: Every Child Has a God-Ordained Destiny


Devotionals: Building a Culture of Life

Pope’s Phone Call Demonstrates Life Values in Action


Devotionals: Celebrity Stories

Abortion Survivor: More Than a Story of Survival

Actor Jack Nicholson’s Big Pro-Life Surprise

Actress, Single Mom Janine Turner Speaks Out for Birth Moms

All-Star Player Supports Pregnant Teenager

American Idol Contestant Shares Her Pregnancy Story

Miss Pennsylvania Turns Ashes Into Beauty 

October Baby Film Mirrors Actress’s Life

Star Trek Captain Shares Her Story as Birth Mom

Steve Jobs: How One Woman’s Decision Changes the World

Super Bowl QB’s Special Adoption Story

Superstar Quarterback Stands for Life During Super Bowl

Superstar Tenor Tells His Story to Encourage Mothers-To-Be


Devotionals: Choosing Life

The #1 Cause of Death in the World: It May Surprise You

12% More Women Are Choosing Life 

A Woman’s Choice Endures for Centuries

Aborted Children Can’t Be Adopted

Barriers to Choosing Life, Part 1: Intellectual Barriers

Christmas Choices, Part 1: God’s Choice

Christmas Choices, Part 2: Mary’s Choice

Christmas Choices, Part 3: Joseph’s Choice

Christmas Choices, Part 4: Jesus’s Choice

Christmas Choices, Part 5: The Magi’s Choice

Entire Enrollment at 5 High Schools Lost Each Day

Friends Encourage Woman to Choose Life – Just In Time

Help Reduce the #1 Cause of Death in the US

How Pam Stenzel’s Birth Mom Impacted Thousands of Lives

Massacre of Innocents Then and Now

Miss Pennsylvania Turns Ashes Into Beauty 

Reasons Women Give for Ending a Pregnancy

Say "Thank You" To Women in Your Life Who Have Chosen Life

She Could Have Said "No" to Life

Ways Lives Are Saved: Fetal Models Help Women Choose Life

Ways Lives Are Saved: Informed Consent Helps Women Choose Life 

Ways Lives Are Saved: Car License Plates Help Women Choose Life

Ways Lives Are Saved: Maternity Homes Help Women Choose Life

Ways Lives Are Saved: One-on-One Support Helps Women Choose Life

Ways Lives Are Saved: Prayer Helps Women Choose Life

Ways Lives Are Saved: Pro-Life Bus Helps Women Choose Life

Ways Lives Are Saved: Sidewalk Counselors Help Women Choose Life

Ways Lives Are Saved: Ultrasounds Help Women Choose Life


Devotionals: Churches Ministering to Women & Families

34,000 Denominations United in Showing God’s Love

Do You and Your Church Make This Mistake?

Does Your Church Have A Ministry to Orphans and Widows?

Practical (and Pro-Life) Ministries for Your Church

What If Christian Culture Doesn’t "Get" Adoption?

What’s the Adoption Triangle – and How Are Churches Helping?


Devotionals: Clinic Workers

The Moment That Stunned a Women’s Clinic Worker

Prayer Leads to Life-Changing Decision for Abby Johnson


Devotionals: Community Support

How One Community Rallied Around a Pregnant Woman

Local Employees Team Up to Renovate Pregnancy Care Center

Small Acts of Service = A Big Difference


Devotionals: College Students

58% Young People Don’t Know Where to Get Pregnancy Support

Campus Outreach Launches a National Movement

College Soccer Star Chooses Life

The Hidden Fear in College Athletics

How to Save Lives on College Campuses

Pregnant Women Fulfill Their Dream of College

Unplanned Pregnancy on our College Campuses

What Pregnant College Students Need, Part 1: University Support

What Pregnant College Students Need, Part 2: To Know Their Legal Rights

What Pregnant College Students Need, Part 3: Vision

What Pregnant College Students Need, Part 4: Financial Resources

What Pregnant College Students Need, Part 5: A Place to Live

What Pregnant College Students Needs, Part 6: Child Care

Why One College Student Was Able to Choose Life


Devotionals: Courage

Courageous Mothers, Part 1: One Mom’s Sacrifice Produces a Great Leader

Courageous Mothers, Part 2: One Mom’s Obediences Restores God’s House

Courageous Mothers, Part 3: Mom Saves Her Child From Execution

Courageous Mothers, Part 4: Mom Gives Birth, Saves Herself Too

Don’t Give Up. Jesus Didn’t.

How One Birth Mom Acted With Tremendous Courage

How to Choose Courage

Supply and Demand Saves Lives

To Encourage Means to Fill With Courage

Two Ordinary People. One Extraordinary Story of Courage .

Would You Risk Your Life for a Pregnant Woman?


Devotionals: Cultural Attitudes Towards Pregnancy & Family

3 Great Reasons to Give Thanks

4 Trends in the Pro-Life Battle

5 Practical Ways to Celebrate the Sanctity of Life

A Burden or a Reward?

A Prayer at the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Cultural Attitudes Series #1: Indifference Towards Life

Cultural Attitudes Series #2: Desensitization To Life

Cultural Attitudes Series #3: Depersonalization

Don’t Ignore the Obvious

March for Life Founder Leaves Inspiring Legacy

The Most Powerful Weapon in the Movement for Life

Take the Roe I.Q. Test – and Be Informed

The Perfect Parent Award

Why Under-30s Are the Most Pro-Life Generation in History


Devotionals: Easter

At the Cross: Friends Stand with You in the Hardest Times


Devotionals: Family

Don’t Forget the Family!

LA Congressman Offers Support to Unwed, Pregnant Daughter


Devotionals: Fathers, Men  

78% Young Men Agree There’s "Too Much Pressure" About Sex

At Father’s Day, One Birth Dad’s Story

Father’s Day: A Grateful Nation Honors Dads

Fatherhood Series #1: Effective Fathers are Present

Fatherhood Series #2: Effective Fathers are Teachers

Fatherhood Series #3: Effective Fathers are Compassionate

Fatherhood Series #4: Effective Fathers Listen and Answer

Honor Your Heavenly Father on Father’s Day

Joseph’s First Response – and His Second One

Mom and Dad, Did You Know …?

One Dad’s Story: "I Needed Support and I Found It"

One Dad’s Story: Mentor Helps Troy Break Absentee Dad Cycle

Promises for Fathers, Part 3: Your Children Will Be Blessed

Promisess for Fathers, Part 4: Uniqueness

Support For Men Involved in an Unplanned Pregnancy

Thank You to All the Birth Dads Out There

The Origin of Father’s Day

What Did An Unplanned Pregnancy Cost Him?

When a Guy Faces an Unplanned Pregnancy

When Guys Really Need Other Guys

Why Fathers Matter


Devotionals: Fear

A Pregnant Woman Faces These Fears

A Woman’s Letter to God

Can You Have Fear and Joy at the Same Time?

Secret Trail Leads to 5,000 Lost Lives Each Year


Devotionals: Friends and Friendship

3 Essential Qualities of a Good Friend

10 Ways to Encourage Birth Moms

A Different Kind of Volunteer

A Friend Walks in When Everyone Walks Out

A Friend = An Objective Voice That Cares

At the Cross: Friends Stand With You in the Hardest Times

Friends: A Refuge In the Struggle … For Jesus, Too

How She Affirmed Mary

Offer the Hand of Friendship

What Kinds of People Become Birthmothers Friends?


Devotionals: Healing

How to Take Care That You Don’t Forget


Devotionals: Hope

3 Ways To Praise The Creator of Life

10 Things to Be Thankful For

A Pregnant Woman’s Worth Depends On …

Hope Is Born in Rape Aftermath

Walk With a Woman for 6 Days


Devotionals: Humility

The Wise Men’s Royal Effort to Respect Life


Devotionals: Inspiration

God Works Through the Winter


Devotionals: Jesus Christ

A Tale of Two Women

At Easter: How Jesus Honored Women

Jesus, Jewish Leaders, and Pregnant Women

The Longest Day of Your Life

What Jesus Longs to Say to Pregnant Women


Devotionals: Legislation & Trends  

5 Facts That Prove We’re Winning the Pro-Life Battle

Babies Go to Congress

How to Defend Life With Facts

Informed Consent Helps Women Choose Life

It’s Been 40 Years, But We’re Making Progress

Lawmakers Agree: Children Have the Right To a Family

Legislators Help Close Clinics and Win the Pro-Life Battle

March for Life Founder Leaves Inspiring Legacy

On July 4th, How You Can Defend Our Unalienable Rights

Options for Pregnant Women are Increasing

Remembering Roe

What Happened on January 22, 1973?

You Can Choose Life … At the Ballot Box


Devotionals: Life Transformaiton

An About-Face for 30-Year Activist


Devotionals: Loneliness

A Prayer When Pregnant and Lonely

God Sees You … When No One Else Does

Lonely Women At Greater Risk For Abortion


Devotionals: Love

Love: The Most Powerful Weapon in the Movement for Life 

Love Series, Part 1: "This Is the Way"

Love Series, Part 2: What Agape Means

Love Series, Part 3: Love Is One Decision Out of 35,000 Today

A Love Ministry, Part 1: Love Is Unconditional

A Love Ministry, Part 2: One-on-One Love

A Love Ministry, Part 3: Life-Affirming Love

Send a Valentine to a Pregnant Woman


Devotionals: Millennials

Millennials: Today’s Most Pro-Life Generation

What More Young People Learn Each January


Devotionals: Mothers and Motherhood

Honor Your Mother

Human Babies: the Most Dependent Species at Birth

Mom and Dad, Did You Know …?

Motherhood Series, Part 1: Mothers are Heirs

Motherhood Series, Part 2: A Special Word for a Mother’s Love

Motherhood Series, Part 3: Four Ways a Mother Nurtures Her Child

Motherhood Series, Part 4: Respect for Mothers and Motherhood


Devotionals: One-On-One Support During Unplanned Pregnancy

3 out of 4 Women Need to Know the Truth

How 83% More Women Could Choose Life

How To Chase Away Feelings of Abandonment

How Many Friends Do You Have So Far?

In 2009, 100% Matched Women Chose Life

Mary Sought Out a Friend During Pregnancy

"My Decision to Choose Life Was Not – and Is Not – Easy"


Devotionals: Prayer

2 Cries of Hosanna

A Mother’s Day Prayer

A Prayer at the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

A Prayer for the Pro-Choice Community

A Prayer You Can Pray For Pregnant Women

A Pregnant Woman’s Prayer

A Pregnant Woman’s Prayer for Assurance

An Independence Day Prayer

Pray For Our Nation to Choose Life

Pray With Others for Life

Prayer of Those Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Prayer Leads to Life-Changing Decision for Abby Johnson

Prayers to Pray For an Abortion-Minded Woman

Your Prayers for Life Save Lives


Devotionals: Pregnancy

Alanna Was Pregnant and Alone

An Unborn Baby’s Milestones 

Did God Take a Coffee Break?

Pregnancy: Why Body and Soul Are Intertwined

Pregnancy’s Biggest Questions

The Expert Knitter

Ultrasounds are a Game-Changer

Which Pregnant Women Have More Health Risks?


Devotionals: Pregnancy Options

Unplanned Pregnancy Options: There Are More Than Just 3


Devotionals: Pregnancy Support and Counseling

Did Your Pregnancy Counselor Ask These Questions?

Mangers for Modern-Day Moms


Devotionals: Pro-Life Leaders

Early Feminist Takes Outspoken Stand for Life

Medical Pioneer Paves teh Way for Women to Choose Life


Devotionals: Pro-Life Ministries

40 Days For Life

40 Days for Life: Find a Vigil Near You

Before and After: Which Are You?

Concerned Citizens Like You Make Up the Pro-Life Movement

How God Uses 40 Days to Save Lives

"Jane Roe" Now Lobbies for Life

Mobile Ultrasound Vehicles Go To Pregnant Women Across U.S.

Raise Awareness During National Adoption Awareness Month

Standing With Those WHo Have Been Silenced

Weep With Those Who Weep on October 30

When We Defend the Vulnerable, God Mends Hearts


Devotionals: The Pro-Life Movement

3 Changes in Pro-Life Trends

Conceived in Rape: "I Owe My Life to Pro-Life Advocates"

What Is "Doe v. Bolton"?

What Is "Roe v. Wade"?

What Is the "March for Life"?

What Is the "Right to Life"?

What Is the "Sanctity of Life"?  

What "Pro-Life" Really Means


Devotionals: Renewal

Renewal, Part 1: Clear Out Your Garden and Your Heart

Renewal, Part 2: Are You Growing — Or Do You Need to Be Pruned?

Renewal, Part 3: What to Do When Your Heart Gets Hard


Devotionals: Serving Women & Families

88% Pregnant Women: "I Didnt’ Receive Enought Information To Make a Decision"

Clinics Versus Centers: What Are the Differences?

Does Jesus Smile At What You Do?

Find Resources to Encourage a Choice for Life

Find Your Special Skill and Use It

Got an Hour?

How to Support Family Members Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

How We Serve, Part 1: Unconditional Love

How We Serve, Part 2: Relational Evangelism

How We Serve, Part 3: Faithfulness

How We Serve, Part 4: Unity

How We Serve, Part 5: Adoption

Maternity Homes: A Safe Haven for Pregnant Women

Opportunity Knocks

Volunteer Friends Experience Healing While Helping


Devotionals: Sharing Christ and Growing Spiritually

One Birth Mom’s Story — 20 Years Later

Spiritual Leaders and Pregnant Women, Part 1: The Whole Truth

Spiritual Leaders and Pregnant Women, Part 2: Do You Speak Life Into Her Life?

Spiritual Leaders and Pregnant Women, Part 3: Help Others to Help Her

Two Births


Devotionals: Technology

139 Opportunities for Life Every Minute

Cyber Support During an Unplanned Pregnancy

A Friend Loves At All Times — Even Long-Distance


Devotionals: Teenagers and Unplanned Pregnancy

16 & Pregnant Stars Spotlight One-on-One Pregnancy Support

911 Friend for a Pregnant Teen

Advice from Teen Moms to Pregnant Teens: "You Can Do It!"

Advice from Teen Moms to Pregnant Teens: "Don’t Let Go of Your Dreams"

Advice from Teen Moms to Pregnant Teens: "Surround Yourself with Positive People"

Advice from Teen Moms to Pregnant Teens: "Decide to Be a Good Mom"

American Teenagers Are Getting Pregnant Less

An Entire U.S. City Will Drop Out of School This Year

Support for Pregnant Teenagers

What a Pregnant Teen Needs Most

Why Pregnant Teens and Unmarrieds are Especially Vulnerable

Devotionals: Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

99.26% Clinics Say Ultrasounds Have a Positive Impact on Pregnant Women

How an Ultrasound Referral Saved a Life 

It Took 2 Decades, But Ultrasounds Are Now Routine

Mobile Ultrasound Vehicles Go to Pregnant Women Across the U.S.

Ultrasounds Save Lives at Pregnancy Medical Clinics

Why Ultrasounds are a Game-Changer

Devotionals: Unplanned Pregnancy

Diary of a Mom-To-Be

Mary’s First Response — and Her Second One

Mistimed, Unwanted, Unintended Pregnancy: Which Is It?

Quiz: Unplanned Pregnancy Today

Risks in an Unplanned Pregnancy

Staggering Uplanned Pregnancy Rates: Unchanged in 20 Years

Today, 8,456 Women Face An Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned Pregnancy Rates are Unrelenting

What To Do When Pregnancy Is a Surprise


Devotionals: Volunteering

70,000 Volunteers for Life – Plus More

One Minute, 2.59 Lives

Small Acts of Service = A Big Difference


Devotionals: Words that Encourage Life

What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman




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