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Women, partners, family members:

Call our helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Metro DC: (703) 261-6370

Toll-free from anywhere:

1 (844)-772-4784


Your call is 100% confidential.
We’ll be a Friend.

Many Friends even provide long-distance support for a woman, partner, or family member who faces an unplanned pregnancy on the phone, through email, in texting, and on Skype. (If you or someone you know needs long-distance support, click here .)

You can also contact us during office hours

P.O. Box 2262
Vienna, VA 22183
Office: (703) 261-6370
Fax: (703) 261-6375

Please encourage pregnant women, their partners and their families who face an unplanned pregnancy
to call us or visit  We’ll be a Friend.

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