FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a fee for Birthmothers’ services?

A. No. We provide our services to pregnant women, their partners and their families at no cost.

girl thinkingQ. Is Birthmothers a pregnancy care center (PCC) or an adoption agency?

A. No. Birthmothers complements, rather than replaces, the services of PCCs and adoption agencies. We match a woman, partner or family member with a caring Friend who provides one-on-one support. Birthmothers provides the missing link that so many women need – a Friend who connects them to resources, who listens, and who stays in relationship as long as the client chooses.

Q. How is a women, partner, or family member matched with a Friend?

A. When callers contact the Birthmothers helpline 1-844-772-4784, they can share as much or as little as they like about their situation. Birthmothers will listen and care. Callers are invited to be matched with a Friend who will provide ongoing compassionate, informed, confidential support.

Q. What does a Friend do?

A. Our Friends’ sole focus is on loving and helping the woman (or family member) by providing personal, relational support and resources she needs. Friends are committed to staying in relationship for as long as the client needs or chooses, loving her unconditionally regardless of decisions she makes about her pregnancy. That’s why our motto is A Friend loves at all times.™

Q. What if a birth mom wants an abortion … or has had one?

A. We don’t support abortion for biblical and ethical reasons. We cannot connect women with abortion services. But we will help a woman heal from an abortion. That’s because we believe each human life is unique and valuable. We’re committed to loving women and families with compassion and acceptance, no matter what the circumstances.

Q. What about adoption?

A. We’ve discovered that most women aren’t aware of the many available adoption options. We present adoption as one avenue for a woman to consider as she makes informed decisions for herself and her child.

Q. Does a woman need to be religious in order to receive your services?

A. No. Birthmothers is a Christian organization, but we serve women and families from many faith traditions. We will not pressure you to embrace our beliefs.

Q. What if a woman is about to give birth or has already given birth – can she still get help?

A. Of course. Birthmothers offers compassionate, supportive care to any woman who faces an unplanned pregnancy, regardless of the circumstances.

Q. How are churches involved with Birthmothers?

A. Birthmothers builds Church Teams in local congregations to serve women and families in need. We equip God’s people to reach out to women who face an unplanned pregnancy, serve and pray for birth moms and birth dads, encourage adoptive families and support local organizations that stand for life.

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