Who We Are

Birthmother Ministries, Inc. (Birthmothers) is a faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing nonjudgmental assistance to any woman or family member facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Pregnant women, partners and family members in crisis most often lack a compassionate advocate who will stand with them long-term, no matter what the circumstances. Birthmothers provides the missing link that hurting women and families need so desperately.

Through one-on-one relationships as Birthmothers Friends

A Birthmothers Friend is a trained volunteer who is matched one-on-one with a pregnant woman, her partner or family member.  A Friend listens and provides confidential, nonjudgmental practical assistance, emotional support and spiritual encouragement as long as the client needs or chooses.

More women carry babies to term and transition into parenting or adoption placement when they have support from a special person like a Friend during pregnancy.  The Friend relationship is modeled on the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. That’s why the Birthmothers ministry motto was derived from Proverbs 17:17: A Friend loves at all times™.

Through Church Teams

A Birthmothers Church Team is an intentional, organized group of congregation members that minister to women and families who face an unplanned pregnancy by:
• spreading awareness to women about Birthmothers services by distributing outreach materials in the local community
• serving birth moms and family members directly as trained, volunteer Friends
• recruiting practical support for birth moms from the congregation
• providing prayer support for birth moms and families
• facilitating abstinence training for local youth
• advocating pro-life, pro-adoption principles in their congregations

Church Teams literally transform lives by giving local women and families a loving, supportive community and remaining in relationship with them over the long haul.

Through partnerships with community organizations

We develop resource partnerships with local service providers to connect women with temporary housing, medical care, job opportunities, transitional housing, legal aid, adoption agencies, pregnancy care centers (PCCs), child care, and other social services.

We cultivate ministry partnerships with like-minded organizations to together be a voice for women, the unborn, the vulnerable, orphans, adoptive parents, adoptees, and families who are impacted by life-related issues.

See a flow chart that shows how Birthmothers works.

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