I appreciate my Birthmothers Friend so much. She has been so good to me. When things are hard, I just think of her and I feel like I can handle all of this.

Adriana, birth mom

Girls who come from a family like mine need the love and support of friends and Jesus. I needed my family’s support, but it wasn’t there. I’m glad that you created a place for women like me. Thank you!

Charlotte, birth mom

I’m thankful for all the baby items I received from people who are connected with Birthmothers, and most grateful for the emotional support I received from my Birthmothers Friend, Leslie. Now I know why people say that tangible gifts can come and go. A Friend like Leslie is irreplaceable.

Isabelle, birth mom

I really needed someone who cared enough to find a way to stay in touch with me. And Birthmothers did. They gave me a Friend.

Jocelyn, birth mom

When it seems everything is falling apart, you can’t give up.  You have to believe and go forward. God will always listen. He did for me. He gave me a Birthmothers Friend.

Tania, birth mom

Young women who make the courageous decision to give their babies life, and also a future with an adoptive family, need and deserve our compassion, love and support. Through Birthmother Ministries, someone will be brought alongside each woman who desires that support through her pregnancy and beyond. By offering this one-on-one support, Birthmother Ministries is able to supplement the vital ministry of pregnancy centers.

Kurt Entsminger, former president, Care Net

Thank you for the ministry of Birthmothers! Your Birthmothers Friends are just what so many women with unintended pregnancies need – someone to come alongside them and be their friend. The National Council For Adoption shares your heart for serving these loving and courageous women who make adoption plans for their babies. It’s a joy and privilege to work with you in uplifting these good mothers.

Tom Atwood, former president & CEO, National Council for Adoption

Birthmothers allowed me to make a fully informed decision. The ministry provided me with information, supported me while I processed that information and then stood by me once I made my decision. My Birthmothers Friend discussed all the steps with me — and helped me prepare myself for how I would fell all along the way. I felt like I made the best decision for myself and my daughter.

Lindsey Campbell, birth mom

Being a mother is the most important job there is, yet it is terribly undervalued in our society. I do whatever I can to help or support women during pregnancy — especially after they have a baby. Birthmothers provides a wonderful opportunity to step into the life of a woman and be by her side when she needs it most. I’m thrilled to be a part of this ministry.

Candace Fleming, Birthmothers Friend and volunteer

We have been doubly blessed as grandparents of two adopted miracle children, one of whom was placed as a direct result of a Birthmothers relationship.  We can’t say enough good things about this organization.

R & S Christenson, grandparents

Birthmother Ministries leverages its people, financial and church resources effectively to surround a birth mother with a caring community – and to help her see choosing life for her baby as a viable alternative.

Steven L. Skancke, Managing Director, G. William Miller & Co., Inc., Washington, D.C.

If we are to encourage women not to have an abortion, then we need to be there for them. Birthmother Ministries does exactly that. I found out first hand how vital it is for the birth mom to be supported throughout her pregnancy and beyond. I only wish that we’d had a Birthmothers Friend to stand with us during my daughter’s unplanned pregnancies. I support Birthmothers because I know it is a ministry that is close to God’s own heart, as it seeks to affirm life in real, practical ways.

Ruth B. Graham, author, speaker, and daughter of evangelist Billy Graham

I value and appreciate the unique ministry of Birthmothers and its part in God’s plan to restore protection for the unborn in this nation.

Rev. Jeff Good, Pastor, Christ Community Church ,  Ashburn, VA

It has been a blessing to be able to connect a couple of our clients with difficult situations with Birthmothers volunteers. These volunteers have worked with our clients as a friend and advocate, giving them added support and resources. We have found the Birthmothers Friends to be eager and willing!

Kelley Price, Executive Director, Sanctity of Life Ministries

I became excited about Birthmothers, even before the very first meeting to kick off the ministry. The idea of being a close Friend and encourager to a woman in a crisis pregnancy, and being there for her every day, was what prompted me to become involved. I have seen how much a friendship can mean to someone who is confused and seems to be without hope. We at Birthmothers supply lots of care and support to the women who call on us.

Carol Kabat, Birthmothers volunteer Friend

If I found myself suddenly confronted by the reality of an unexpected pregnancy, I’d want a Friend to help me think it all through. That’s just exactly what Birthmothers does – it provides wise and caring Friends to walk down thsi road with you.  That’s why I love Birthmothers.

John Yates, Rector, The Falls Church, Falls Church, VA

Thank you, Birthmothers. Very impressive — that is, the work you and God are doing.

Sherrie Eldridge, Founder & President, Jewel Among Jewels Adoption Network

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