A Friend’s Pledge

A Birthmothers Friend is a trained volunteer who listens and provides nonjudgmental, caring, practical assistance, emotional support, and spiritual encouragement to those who face an unplanned pregnancy. Trained Birthmothers volunteer Friends complete A Friends Pledge before being matched with a woman or man in need.

A Friend’s Pledge

I have read and agree with the Birthmothers Statement of Faith.

I believe in the sanctity of human life.

I believe in sanctity of all human life from the first moment of conception to the last moment of a person’s life.  As a Birthmothers Friend, I’m committed to helping women overcome barriers to choosing life for their unborn children and encouraging adoption when a woman concludes that it is in the best interest of her child.  My commitment to the sanctity of human life prevents me from directly or indirectly facilitating an abortion. I recognize that some women may choose abortion, yet I will provide compassionate, nonjudgmental assistance in the aftermath of their loss by listening, praying for, and helping those who experience abortion’s pain.

I will actively participate in public worship at a Christian church of my choice and through private prayer and Bible study.

I declare my dependence on the Holy Spirit and my need for fellowship, encouragement and accountability in the Body of Christ, that I might be renewed day by day for service in God’s world.

I will safeguard the confidentiality of those I serve.

I will not reveal personally identifying information about a client I serve without her permission, unless she threatens to harm herself or she poses a threat to others through illegal activity.  Even in such extreme cases, I will still respect a client by first asking her to reveal such threats or illegal activity to a helping professional.

I understand that a Friend’s role is to form an authentic, supportive relationship based on Christ’s love.

The Friend relationship is monitored by Birthmothers. The relationship officially ends three months after the birth of the child. Nevertheless, I will make it my goal to develop a friendship that lasts as long as the client chooses.  My relationships with clients may be formed through a variety of activities including, but not limited to: telephone calls, visiting, meeting for a meal, attending appointments, connecting her to and/or helping her apply for relevant services, sharing the adoption option when appropriate, praying with her and sharing my faith if/when she is willing. I also understand that the following activities are not part of my responsibility as a Birthmothers Friend: caring for the client’s children, providing temporary housing for the client, donating personal items, or presenting personal gifts. When I have questions about my role, I will speak to the Friends Program Director before taking other action.

I agree to participate in regular Friend meetings and training sessions and to submit monthly documentation involving active Friend relationships.

In-service training is designed to maintain and extend my qualifications as a Birthmothers Friend. Team meetings provide an opportunity to pray with and to give and receive support with the other Friends. Monthly e-mail summaries help the ministry document contact with any client I am serving.  I also agree to be a part of the list-serve e-mails.

I will pray regularly for those who serve with me in the ministry and for those whom we serve.

You can download a copy of A Friend’s Pledge here.

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