Women who face an unplanned pregnancy need a Friend.

We provide one.

Pregnant Women Need Support

Four out of five post-abortive women say they would have changed their decision if they had support from a special person during pregnancy. That’s why Birthmothers Friends help save lives.

We offer personal, one-on-one support for those who face an unplanned pregnancy.

Birthmothers provides a volunteer, trained Birthmothers Friend (mentor) who is matched one-on-one with a woman or a man facing an unplanned pregnancy. Through this special relationship, the Friend provides a nonjudgmental ear and connects her to resources she needs.

A Friend walks with the pregnant woman for as long as she needs, often long after the baby is born. Even if she chooses to abort, the Friend will continue to love her unconditionally. (Learn more about Birthmothers Friends.)

Birthmothers Complements Pregnancy Care Centers

Pregnancy care centers are essential! They provide a wide range of life-affirming services and Birthmothers complements their invaluable work by mentoring the woman once she leaves the center. A Birthmothers Friend provides the ongoing, long-term relational link pregnant women need.

Learn more about becoming a Birthmothers Friend … and how you can impact lives one-on-one, one-by-one.

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