Our Distinctives

Birthmothers complements the wonderful work undertaken by other prolife organizations. We fill these needs not met elsewhere.

We provide one-on-one care giving

We match any woman, partner or family member who faces an unplanned pregnancy with a trained, caring, volunteer Birthmothers Friend, who provides unconditional emotional, spiritual, and practical support for as long as the client needs or chooses.

We work outside four walls

We are not limited to working in one location. We provide churches with a complete infrastructure for ministry to women, children, and families, and equip individuals to serve hurting women one-on-one.

We personally connect clients to services

We build a network of resource providers and then personally connect each client to the services she needs.

We share Christ

We intentionally reflect Jesus Christ’s grace and acceptance in one-on-one relationships, so that each client can experience God’s love firsthand.

We present the adoption option

We educate the community about the benefits of adoption and offer adoption as one avenue pregnant women can consider.

We’re a love ministry, not a protest ministry

We believe in standing for life by offering a positive alternative to pregnant women – a Friend that loves at all times.™

See a flow chart that shows how Birthmothers works.

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