Stories for Friends

Experience the power of one-on-one ministry when you read these inspiring stories from our Birthmothers Friends.

Young Mother Kissing InfantAdoption

Adoption: “I presented adoption as thoroughly as I could”

Adoption: “I was a sounding board”

Adoption: Birthmothers provides the missing link

Becoming a Friend

Becoming a Friend: “People Supported Me and I Want to Give Back”

Choosing Life

Choosing Life: My birth mom was abortion-minded
Choosing Life: My birth mom needed an advocate

Empowering Women

Empowering Women: God put us here for each other

Practical Help

Practical Help: A birth mom and family in need

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Pregnancy & Childbirth: Birth mom taught me about life

Pregnancy & Rape

Pregnancy & Rape: “Encouragement Gave This Woman Her Voice”


Service: First-timer
Service: Friend by mail
Service: Connecting with social services
Service: Giving and receiving

Sharing Faith

Sharing faith: “A Friend is a tangible reminder of God”
Sharing faith: A rewarding journey for a Friend

Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual parenting: I’m a special kind of parent

Teen Birth Moms

Teen Birth Moms: Grandma befriends pregnant teenager

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