God Sees You … When No One Else Does

Volume 6, Number 17 JUNE 26, 2012


woamn-holding-head-221x212.jpgFor You From The Word

You are the God who sees me. (Genesis 16:13)

For You To Think About

Why hadn’t I seen it? Trina agonized. She had been alone in a new city until she met Sam. One thing led to another between them, but now Trina knew their dates and romantic trysts were all a charade. Once she told Sam she had become pregnant, he wanted nothing to do with her. Even worse, Trina discovered Sam was married – and he and his wife were trying to have a baby.
Trina had never felt so alone in her life. No friends. No family. New city. It was as if she was invisible.

Her situation was not unlike that of Hagar, an Egyptian maid who became pregnant by the great Hebrew patriarch Abraham. Abraham and his wife were struggling to conceive. But when Hagar became pregnant, she was mistreated by Abraham’s wife and rejected by Abraham. She had no social standing and no one to confide in. Feeling discarded and invisible, Hagar fled to the desert.

But it was there in her most isolated hour that God came to Hagar and spoke to her. "You are now with child and you will have a son,” he said to her (Genesis 16:11).  He sees me, Hagar rejoiced. I am not invisible.

Hagar mattered to God. Trina matters to God. Every pregnant woman matters to God. It is a truth God wants every pregnant woman to know – no matter what her circumstances: He sees her even when no one else does.

For You to Pray

gold-sunrise-and-clouds.jpgGracious Father,
Let me not gloss over those who face excruciatingly difficult circumstances in an unplanned pregnancy. Help these men and women experience God’s presence through me and others. Let me see them when they feel no one else does.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.



This Week’s Prayer Focus

Encouragement for those who face an unplanned pregnancy

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Read Hagar’s full story in Genesis 16 .



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