March 2011: Friend Connects Pregnant Woman to Spanish Congregation

Volume 4, Number 3 MARCH 2011


By Sally T.*, Birthmothers Friend

starbucks-logo-200px.jpgI was matched with Adelina* about a month ago. We met at Starbucks. As we chatted and got to know each other, I learned that Adelina comes from a Catholic background. Her nine-year-old daughter and her mother live in Mexico.

First steps in faith for Adelina

I asked if she went to church these days. Adelina pointed out the coffee shop window to the church across the street and told me she had attended once. However, as a Spanish-speaker, she had difficulty following the English service.

“I could call the church to find out what time their Spanish services take place,” I offered, pointing to the banner advertising ESOL (English as a Second Language) classes in front of the church. “Would you be open to meeting the pastor and attending the Spanish service?” She nodded.

hispanic-woman-praying.jpgWhen I called back with the information, I encouraged Adelina to go to worship. “It will comfort you,” I explained.

Adelina has attended the Spanish service that Sunday and every week since.

Next steps in faith 

It has been exciting to see how God has moved in Adelina’s heart after that first step. When her doctor ordered an ultrasound for some bleeding, Adelina got to see her baby on the screen. She has decided that she wants to keep the child. Subsequently the bleeding has stopped.

As I drove her to work after the ultrasound appointment, Adelina told me that she has begun attending a Bible study at church. She even found the courage to invite her Bolivian friend to attend with her! I was able to share with her I told her how wonderful that was – and to tell her that my husband and I have attended the same Bible study group for more than ten years. We’ve learned so much and have built some of our most meaningful relationships with members of our group.

I pray regularly with Adelina. I’ve shared with her the story of my own unplanned pregnancy, placing my daughter for adoption, finding God, and being reunited with my daughter. She is visibly moved by this. In one more step of faith, I ordered a Spanish Daily Word for Adelina through my church. I will be excited to give it to her and share readings together. God has His hand on this woman. I feel privileged to walk with her in her journey of motherhood and faith.

*Names changed for confidentiality

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