Adoption: “I was a sounding board”

A FRIEND’S STORY: "I was a sounding board" 

Jackie was matched with a pregnant woman who already had a toddler.  The birth dad was not supportive.  The birth mom lived with her own father but was uncertain whether he would allow her to stay in the home once he discovered she was pregnant again.

mombaby171x256.jpg“She was in shock and needed to talk,” said Jackie.  “Our conversations allowed her to process the situation.” 

It was natural for the topic of adoption to surface. Jackie acted as a sounding board as the birth mom discussed her feelings about placing for adoption versus parenting. Friends Certification Training had provided tools and tips for Jackie to use as she presented the adoption option to her matched birth mom. Jackie was prepared with information about types of adoptions, adoption agencies, and adoption attorneys if the birth mom chose to pursue adoption further.

Through those discussions, the birth mom was able to assess her situation.  She got a new job. Her father accepted the pregnancy and offered to help babysit in the evenings.

“Ultimately, my birth mom chose to parent – which deep down was what she really wanted to do,” said Jackie.  “I was glad I could be there for her as she worked through her decision.”

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