Becoming a Friend: “People Supported Me and I Want to Give Back”

A FRIEND’S STORY: “People Supported Me and I Want to Give Back”

Rebecca* had support during her own unplanned pregnancy and wants to help other women in return.

One day as I waited for my order at a local coffee shop, I saw a Birthmothers business card tacked to the bulletin board. Intrigued, I took it. When I got home, I sent off a quick email to the contact, saying that I’d recently had some time open up at work and would like to be involved in the ministry.

half-face-blond.jpgI had faced my own unplanned pregnancy just a couple of years ago, I explained, and a couple of people encouraged me and helped me throughout the process. So the idea of helping a pregnant woman is very appealing to me.

It was during a turbulent time that I discovered I was pregnant. My parents were in the process of getting divorced. My sister was getting married. In order to sort out my thoughts, I traveled to a different state to visit some friends.

God orchestrated my decisions

Through a series of events, God led me to stay and put down roots.

I’d grown up in a Christian home. But in my early years, I had seen so many people live a relationship with Christ out of fear. Now, in this new place, I saw people love Him. I wanted that. I began attending a vibrant local church. Friends let me have a place to stay rent-free. Some took care of food bills. Others simply helped me consider my options.

It has been exciting to see how God orchestrated my decision to make an adoption plan. I met a family through church to whom I became close. They have an international writing and speaking ministry. Later, God led them to the same adoption agency I chose.  They became my child’s adoptive parents. Because we have an open adoption, I see my birth son nearly every week. We regularly have “dates.” I often sit with the adoptive family in church and attend family get-togethers.

What I would tell a pregnant woman

If I had the opportunity to talk to a woman who faces an unplanned pregnancy, I would point out to her that she is courageous. Whatever decision she makes takes confidence and bravery.  Then, I would encourage her to get the support of at least one person during pregnancy. My parents and grandparents have struggled with my situation. But my sister has stood by me, even though she lives hundreds of miles away. Friends and my pregnancy center counselor walked with me. Personal support made all the difference.

That’s what has spurred me to get involved with Birthmothers and train as a Friend – the support I received from those who loved me unconditionally during my own unplanned pregnancy.

As I get know the Birthmothers team, I’ve learned that they share my passion. They are involved purely because they want to be. It will be exciting to see what doors God will open to me to help another woman through this ministry … and how the ripple-effect from others’ love to me will spread.

*Name changed for confidentiality

To learn more about becoming a Birthmothers Friend, email us or call us (703-261-6370 in metro DC or 970-481-4787 in CO). You can also visit our FAQs page.



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