Pregnancy & Childbirth: Birth mom taught me about life


A FRIEND’S STORY: Birth mom taught me about life

Melissa Miller, R.N. talks about her match with a vulnerable birth mom

I’ve served before as a Birthmothers Friend and had taken a break.  Just a few days after I put my name back on the list, Birthmothers contacted me.  “A birth mom wants to be matched with someone who can answer questions about labor and delivery,” the staff member explained.  “The pregnancy is a result of a rape.  Will you call her?”

Though I’m a labor and delivery nurse, I was nervous because of Brittany’s* circumstances.  Still, I wanted to help, and I said yes.

Brittany and I connected from the first moment.  We were both open.  I explained that I wanted to be sensitive, but wasn’t sure how to go about it.  Brittany was understanding and grateful for my honesty.

I decided early on in our relationship that I would be accessible to her whenever she needed to talk, even if it was the middle of the night.  That meant a few midnight conversations. When her emotions were raw, I prayed with her. I went with Brittany to her medical appointments.  We put together a plan for the delivery process and discussed pain management, so when the time came she was prepared.  I was with her throughout the delivery and when the adoptive mom came to the hospital.

Brittany taught me a great deal about life – about how to take a trauma and use it for good.  I believe God brought us together.

*name changed for confidentiality

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