“Hosanna!” 2 Prayers for Life in One

For You From The Word

O Lord, save us! (Psalm 118:25)

For You To Think About

Praying womanThe Jewish people shouted “Hosanna!” to Jesus as He entered Jerusalem on a donkey prior to Passover. Their shouts were an act of praise.

But in Old Testament times, the term Hosanna originally meant Save now! or Help us, we pray!

Hosanna’s double meaning – praising God and invoking His help – fits perfectly the cries of His people on behalf of a woman who faces an unplanned pregnancy.

Save now! Help us, we pray! is a prayer that says, “Work in this woman’s heart now, O Lord. Save her life and the life of this child.”

Praise to You! is a prayer that says, “We worship You for the miracle of new life.”

You can stand in the gap for a pregnant woman and the life of her child when you cry out “Hosanna!” to God. It’s two prayers in one.

For You To Pray

Creator and Lord,
I praise You for the gift of life. Help us now, I pray. Save this woman’s life and the life of her child.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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