5 Things One Man Considered When Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

For You From the Word

I was a father to the needy.  (Job 29:16)

For You To Think About

Joseph’s fiancée, Mary, told him that she was pregnant.

man in sunsetYet Joseph knew the baby was not his.

He had much to consider.  Who was the baby’s father?  Would Joseph be able to accept this child and raise him as his own?  What would his family say … how would villagers treat the child … would Joseph’s carpentry business decline?

In the end, God moved in Joseph’s heart.  He became the child’s adoptive father.

God honored that decision.  Today we know Joseph as Jesus’ earthly father – the one who taught Jesus a trade, gave Him the embrace of a loving family, and helped raise Him.

For You To Pray

Merciful God,

Move in men’s hearts to be godly adoptive fathers.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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