88% Pregnant Women: “I Didn’t Receive Enough Information to Make a Decision”

For You From The Word

(Let) the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:17)

For You To Think About

woman getting info from iPhoneIn a survey of women who chose the pain of abortion, 88% reported they did not have “all of the necessary information to make the decision.”

That information includes:

  • Types of abortions. What procedures are used? What happens during each of those procedures?
  • Abortion risks. What physical and psychological complications might a woman face?
  • Abortion alternatives. What are some options a woman can consider other than the pain of abortion?

A woman makes her own decision about pregnancy. But you can offer her excellent resources so that she can be informed and won’t have to later say, “I didn’t receive the facts.”

For You To Pray

Omnipotent Father,
Help me do my part to share good information and resources with pregnant women.
In Jesus’ name,

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