A Burden Or A Reward?

Volume 3, Number 18 July 7, 2009


For You From The Word


Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.

(Psalm 127:3, NLT)

For You To Think About 

“Studies show a clear link between our society’s wealth and materialism … and its increasing aversion to kids,” says Dr. James Dobson, Founder and Chairman of Focus on the Family, referring to the cultural attitude that children are a nuisance, a burden, and a drain on resources.

God, however, places an extraordinarily high value on children … and the people He chooses to parfeet.jpgent them. The psalmist tells us that children are not only a gift from God, but “they are a reward from him.”

Bringing a life into the world and nurturing it, in God’s eyes, is a privilege and honor.

For You To Pray

Loving Father, children are a gift and reward from You.  Help me to view parenting as an honor.  Amen.

This week’s prayer focus

Cultural attitudes towards childrearing



Read survey results that reveal motives driving those who are Childless by Choice.



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