Task-Oriented or People-Oriented: Two Different Kinds of Volunteers

For You From The Word

We love because he first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

For You To Think About

two different kinds of volunteersHuman personalities are thought fall into two broad types: task-oriented and people-oriented.

The task-oriented person flourishes with a job to do or a list of chores to check.  Many volunteer positions are task-oriented. Tasks have a beginning, middle, and end. They involve completing important, finite responsibilities, such as filing a stack of papers, tutoring a child for an hour, cleaning out a row of pet pens, reading to a patient once a week, or organizing and executing an event. Generous volunteers help Birthmothers accomplish these very important tasks.

The people-oriented person thrives on interaction with others. For this person, what is done is less important than enjoying the relationship along the way.

A Birthmothers Friend is a people-oriented volunteer. The primary function of a Friend is relational. A Friend demonstrates Christ’s character to those who face an unplanned pregnancy.  A Friend is committed to showing acceptance and compassion, no matter what the circumstances or what decisions a woman makes.

Task-oriented volunteers help keep Birthmothers operational. Volunteer Friends serve relationally role as a one-on-one sounding board for women. Both kinds of volunteers fill crucial roles in serving women.

For You To Pray

Gracious Father,
Raise up volunteers to serve organizations all over America, including those who are called to become Birthmothers Friends.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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