A Message from the President: Spring 2013

A Message from the President: Spring 2013

Dear friends in the pro-life community,

jim-cindy-wedding.jpgSince I was initially called to the prolife movement (never, ever thought I’d be doing this), I have watched closely the changing  attitudes and opinions regarding abortion and a host of other immoral issues (sins). For example, back in the 1990’s the so called pro-choice people would debate whether a baby was a baby, but not anymore! Sonograms clearly show it’s a child. Now, the Left has no problem accepting the fact that the child can be terminated in the name of “choice" which is nothing less than a euphemism for cold-blooded murder.
Last fall, I watched with disbelief the various speakers at the Democratic National Convention promoting abortion.  Was I really hearing them eliminate any reference to God in their platform? This isn’t the old Democratic party.
As Cindy and I pour ourselves into protecting the sanctity of life, we see abortion nothing more than a symptom of a society that has walked away from biblical authority. Since World War II we have seen a steady flow of liberty-limiting laws and regulations.  First we pulled the Bible out of public schools, followed by Roe v Wade and related rulings making it “legal” to kill a child right up to birth. Fifty-six million babies (abortions) have been recorded to date and growing by over 3,000 abortions per day. Wait! Let this tragedy sink in…This is a 9/11 event every day. I pray  one day soon, we’ll all stop and say, "This has to stop, enough is enough!"
The Lord has laid on my heart the notion to pull together pastors in the northern Virginia area to ask if they would call their respective houses of worship together for specific times of prayer and offer God a heart of repentance.
I ask, can you image the impact on our region and far beyond if a spirit of repentance were to begin and catch on across this special nation (a burning fire)? Would God hear our prayers? Would revival breakout?  Would this revival start to effect the direction of the nation? I think so!  Did our Founders & Framers call on God? Yes, they did and I think it’s time to drop to our knees and petition God Almighty to save this great country. . 

I ask you to pray about this call,  forward this message to your friends, and respond with an email to me with your thoughts.

In His Grace,




Brother Jim



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