“Adoption Ambassador” Uses His Visibility to Influence Birth Parents

For You From The Word

Think how you have instructed many. (Job 4:3)

For You To Think About

Eduardo VerasteguiLatino actor and media sensation Eduardo Verastegui is the United Nations’ unofficial ambassador for adoption.

In recent years, Eduardo has been morally convicted to use his visibility to make a positive impact on people’s lives. He starred in the 2006 adoption-themed movie, Bella.

Just a few months prior to the movie’s release, Eduardo was able to talk with a couple who faced an unplanned pregnancy.  The birth father persistently pushed for abortion.

“If you don’t want this baby,” said Eduardo, “I will take it.  I will adopt the child.”  It was the same approach his character in the movie had taken in a similar situation, and Eduardo meant it.

Stunned that a superstar would take that stand, the birth father reconsidered.  The couple cancelled their abortion appointment and committed to parenting.

And they named their little girl Bella.

For You To Pray

Lord of all,
Place Your people of influence in birth parents’ lives.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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