Ministry Bible Leads Birth Mom Back to God

“I became a Christian when I was a teenager,” said Ashley. “But I got caught up in a fast lifestyle and drifted away from Christ – far away.”

Then Ashley discovered she was pregnant.

woman reading BiblePartying friends deserted her. But Birthmothers staff visited Ashley in the homeless shelter and gave her one of the ministry’s special Bibles, targeted specifically for women who face an unplanned pregnancy.

Ashley began to read it.

Soon, Ashley moved into government-assisted housing, started attending a nearby church, and became friends with the pastor and his wife. She was matched with a Birthmothers Friend for additional support.

Now, Ashley reads her Bible for thirty minutes a day, as recommended in discipleship materials found in her Birthmothers Bible. “It’s finally making sense,” she says, explaining that her reclaimed faith is transforming so many areas of her life. … especially in her role as a parent. Ashley recently committed herself to raising her baby to walk with God and had her child dedicated in her new church home.

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