Conceived in Rape: “I Owe My Life to Pro-Life Advocates”

For You From The Word

Although my father and my mother have forsaken me, yet the Lord will take me up. (Psalm 27:10, AMP)

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Rebecca Kiessling and her birth mom

Rebecca Kiessling and her birth mom

Rebecca Kiessling had been adopted at birth after being conceived out of a brutal rape at knifepoint by a serial rapist.

Yet her birth mother had not chosen life. Rebecca was nearly aborted twice at the hands of back-alley abortionists. Had abortions been legal in her state of birth at the time Rebecca conceived, her birth mother would have aborted her.

But because of prolife activism and laws protecting the unborn at the time, Rebecca’s birth mother was not able to terminate Rebecca’s life.

Rebecca struggled with her identity and self-worth over the years until she came understand how God views her. “My identity, value, and purpose are not established as being a product rape,” she tells other adoptees and women who face an unplanned pregnancy. “But as a child of God.” Today, Rebecca readily testifies as to how God used prolife advocates and their work to protect her when she was yet unborn.

She met her birth mother 25 years ago and today the two women enjoy a wonderful, mutually-supportive relationship. Her birth mother has since become staunchly prolife. “I’m so glad I had you!”  were her words to Rebecca on Rebecca’s 44th birthday.

“Prolife advocates chose life for me,” says Rebecca, who today is the happily married mother of 5, a prolife speaker, and former family law attorney. “They are my heroes. I owe my life to them.”

For You To Pray

Gracious Father,
Thank You for those who advocate for life. Move in their hearts to stand firm and press on. Allow more laws to be passed to protect the unborn, even those conceived in rape.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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