Abortion-Minded Birth Mom Needed an Advocate

A Friend’s Story

By Annette M.

The emergency phone call from the pregnancy care center to was to the point. “We have a pregnant woman who is abortion-minded and speaks only Spanish.  Our ultrasound schedule is booked solid, but another center is able to fit her in.  Can someone take her to the appointment?”

Hispanic woman with cell phoneI was matched with Rosa as her Friend and called her immediately. It was clear she needed an advocate.  After a brief conversation, Rosa agreed to delay her abortion until after the ultrasound.  That gave me time to learn more about her.

Rosa worked as a housekeeper but had recently lost her job. She lived with her brother, who would not tolerate an out-of-wedlock pregnancy. His eviction threat accounted for Rosa’s panicked reaction. The birth father was no longer in the picture. Rosa’s two other birth children are being raised by relatives in Honduras.

An Ultrasound Was the Turning Point

When Rosa saw the 3D images of her child, tears formed in her eyes. At one point, the baby turned and faced her directly. After the ultrasound, she was decisive. She would not terminate the pregnancy.  Her decision gave me the opportunity to present the adoption option – an avenue that she hadn’t considered before, but is now her intention.

I set about to help Rosa find a place to live. Initially she moved into a maternity home, but its remote location and lack of transportation meant she couldn’t look for a job. Inactivity made her feel useless and unproductive. For a few weeks, Rosa bounced between friends’ homes, always looking for work. Her movements were erratic, and I was afraid she would change her mind and have an abortion. “Call me if you need help,” I texted her. “Anytime.”

One morning, the phone rang. Rosa was in a service station parking lot with her luggage, about an hour away. Could I help her?

My husband and I discussed the situation and agreed that God wanted us to invite Rosa to be a part of our family.

“Would you like to live with us?” I asked Rosa as we rode home. She nodded. We put together a contract that spelled out expectations. Rosa would help care for our children and attend church with us. We would love her, provide her room and board, and pay her a small stipend.

It has touched my heart to be a part of Rosa’s life. I am making a difference not only with providing her food and a warm place to live, but also relieving her stress so she can have a healthy pregnancy. Perhaps most importantly, Rosa recently rededicated her life to Christ. I believe God is using her pregnancy and her relationship with my family to bring her closer to Him.

“God has a plan,” I told Rosa recently. “You and I didn’t cross paths by chance. He’s using both of us for a greater purpose – together.”

If you know someone who faces an unplanned pregnancy, encourage her to call Birthmothers toll-free helpline at 1 (844) 77 BIRTH.  She can be matched one-on-one with a Birthmothers Friend who will listen and help.

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