Devotionals: One-on-One Support During Unplanned Pregnancy

Friends4Life are special devotionals for people who care about women, children & families, delivered by email each week.

Devotionals: One-On-One Support During an Unplanned Pregnancy

The devotionals archived on this page tell stories of how one-on-one support made a difference for pregnant women. babyhand118x180.jpg

3 out of 4 Women Need to Know the Truth

How 83% More Women Could Choose Life

How To Chase Away Feelings of Abandonment

How Many Friends Do You Have So Far?

In 2009, 100% Matched Women Chose Life

Mary Sought Out a Friend During Pregnancy

"My Decision to Choose Life Was — and Is — Not Easy"


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Devotionals: One-On-One Support During Unplanned Pregnancy

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