Ministry Partner Makes Lifesaving Referral to Birthmothers

Mary Hager, Rockville (MD) Pregnancy Center Assistant Director, tells the story of a lifesaving referral to Birthmothers

Rosa’s pregnancy test was positive. She was abortion-minded, and I knew it was extremely important for her to have an ultrasound right away. But our center’s ultrasound schedule was full. Fortunately, another center had an available appointment just two days later.

A pregnant woman sitting on a sofa looking at her unborn baby's ultrasound scan.“If we can find transportation, will you be willing to go to another center for an ultrasound?” I asked Rosa.  She nodded.

That’s when I called Birthmothers. I knew they could match Rosa with a caring person who would take her to the appointment.

The Birthmothers staff were friendly and helpful.  I was so pleased they were able to match Rosa immediately.  Her Birthmothers Friend took her to the appointment, where Rosa saw her baby on the screen and chose life.

Our ministry is focused on helping a woman at her moment of crisis … when she’s undecided about what to do. Birthmothers complements us beautifully.  They help a woman long-term. We don’t have the volunteers or staff to help women with specifics outside our center (such as transportation, in this case) – nor do our clients expect that from us.

A one-on-one, long-term relationship with a volunteer Birthmothers Friend is exactly what many pregnant women need.  We refer women to Birthmothers with complete assurance that they’ll be loved and mentored over the coming weeks and months.  I don’t know of any other ministry like it.

Birthmothers was the first and only ministry I contacted for assistance with Rosa. I’m so glad we can work together to help women. I hope our ministry partnership can continue to grow for a long time.

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