How To Chase Away Feelings of Abandonment

Volume 3, Number 24 AUGUST 18, 2009


For You From the Word 


Your hands shaped me and made me.
Will you now turn and destroy me?
(Job 10:8)



For You To Think About 

Job was a successful and affluent businessman.  He also had a loving wife and ten beautiful children.

Then the unthinkable happened. Job’s children, his employees, his home, and his business were all destroyed. Job himself became afflicted with a nasty, painful skin disorder all over his body.

At his lowest point, Job cried out to God.  “Your hands shaped me and made me.  woman_bl_wh.200x200.jpgWill you now turn and destroy me?” Job is most known for being a man of persistent, unwavering faith, but he struggled with how to be faithful and to do the right thing during an overwhelming crisis.

Women who face an unplanned pregnancy, like Job, go through one of life’s darkest valleys.  No matter how strong or weak their faith, a woman may feel abandoned by God.  Your presence can help chase away her feelings of abandonment. You can make a difference for a hurting woman by standing with her, modeling an unwavering faith, and demonstrating the love of Christ.

For You To Pray

Compassionate Father,

Place people of strong faith around pregnant women.
Chase away feelings of abandonment.  Allow women to experience Your loving presence.


This Week’s Prayer Focus


For God to chase away feelings of abandonment in pregnant women

Did You Know?  

83% of women who struggle after an abortion say they would have changed their decision if they’d had support from a partner, family member or special person during pregnancy.



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