How To Support Women Who May Choose Adoption

For You From The Word

Some friends are more loyal than brothers.
(Proverbs 18:24, TEV)

For You To Think About

Just 2% of unmarried American women who face an unplanned pregnancy choose the adoption option.

Asian womanHere are the most common reasons (albeit misplaced or incongruous when compared with the effects of abortion) that women give for not choosing adoption … and ways you can address them.

1. “I don’t want to endure pregnancy and childbirth.” Does she realize the long-term effects she will endure after an abortion?
2. “I want to avoid the stigma associated with adoption.” Does she realize that abortion carries its own stigma, along with deep pain? Does she know that adoption requires a courageous decision that a majority of Americans admire?
3. “I don’t want to bond with the child for 9 months and go through the pain of severing the attachment.” Does she want to sever a life instead?
4. “I feel uncertain about the child’s future if I choose adoption.” Does she know her child will have no future if she chooses abortion?
5. “I fear the child will feel abandoned if I place him or her for adoption.” Does she realize abortion is the ultimate abandonment?

83% post-abortive women say they would have made a different choice if they’d had support from a special person during pregnancy.

You can help make a difference. Tell a pregnant women that you care. Listen. Offer acceptance and one-on-one support. Be a Friend … and let a woman know she won’t have to go through pregnancy alone.

For You To Pray

Loving and gracious Father,
Help me show love and support to a woman who faces an unplanned pregnancy.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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