Human Babies: the Most Dependent Species at Birth

For You From The Word

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.
(John 1:14)

For You To Think About

infant yawningHorses are able to stand and walk shortly after they are born. A new baby human cannot walk for a year.

Sparrows start flying at about two months old, at which time they also hunt for their own food. Human babies cannot feed themselves for 8-14 months. A couple of years pass before they find their way to the refrigerator on their own. (They never learn to fly without the help of a machine.)

Cheetah cubs leave their mothers between 13 and 20 months after birth. The average American human lives with a parent at least 18 years.

More than any other species, a human baby enters the world completely dependent upon his parents for every physical need. That relationship of reliance continues for many years.

God experienced a baby’s helplessness firsthand when He came to earth as a vulnerable human. He was completely reliant on His mother to carry and deliver Him. Later, He depended on His parents to care for Him as He learned and grew.

The Christ Child reminds us of the high value God places on mothers to carry, deliver, care for, and nurture their children until they can physically live on their own.

For You To Pray

Thank You for experiencing a baby’s helplessness and understanding a mother’s needs. Help pregnant women rely on Your empathy and strength as they make life’s decisions.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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