Birthmothers Friend helps lead birth mom, grandmother, children back to God

Birthmothers Friend helps lead birth mom, grandmother, and children back to God 

“When I first spoke with Jill, I found out she had accepted Christ when she was younger,” said Pam, Jill’s Birthmothers Friend.  “But her struggles and lack of spiritual support left her faith weak.”

Jill’s husband had recently deserted her.  She was in the process of raising four children already and now faced a difficult, unplanned pregnancy, confined to bed rest.

Simple Acts of Service Open the Door

cooking a mealPam immediately set about to help Jill with housework, often spending hours after work at Jill’s home to clean and cook meals.  Her husband and daughter pitched in to do laundry and care for Jill’s children.  “I simply said to Jill, ‘We’ll pray for you and we will do whatever it takes to help you,’” said Pam.

Soon, Pam’s loving acts led the women into conversations about spiritual things.  Jill desperately wanted her husband to return home. Together, she and Pam prayed for the couple’s reconciliation. Pam repeatedly provided Jill with godly counsel from scripture, encouraging her to rely on Christ’s strength to be a faithful mother and provider.

Simple Acts of a Friend Have a Ripple Effect

It quickly became apparent that Jill wasn’t the only family member who was growing spiritually through the struggle. Inspired by the ministry, Jill made arrangements to take her children to church regularly.  Jill’s mother worshipped with Pam, too, and even gave a testimony in her church about God’s love demonstrated through Birthmothers.

As time went on and Jill’s husband didn’t return, her spirits didn’t plummet.  Instead, says Pam, Jill grew closer to God.  She smiled often.  Her depression lifted. Today, Jill has a clerical job and has resumed working on her associate’s degree. She and her children are active in their local church.

“She saw God’s love poured out and alive in others. It gave her hope,” says Pam.  “God used Birthmothers’ ministry to allow Jill to let go of her past and find Him again.”

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