Services for Women and Families

Services for women and families

mombaby4.jpgBethany Christian Services — a nonprofit, prolife, Christian adoption and family services agency with more than 75 locations in 30 states, serving both birth parents and adoptive parents.

Catholic Charities USA — one of the largest private social services networks in the U.S., Catholic Charities provides support to people in need, regardless of their religious, social, oreconomic backgrounds.

Feminists for Life of America — a non-sectarian, grassroots organization that seeks real solutions to the challenges women face.  Efforts focus on education, outreach, and advocacy, as well as facilitating practical resources and support for women in need.

Loving and Caring — a nonprofit, information ministry that provides resources to bring healing and hope to women, children, their families, and others in relationship with them.  Loving and Caring conducts trainng for agencies and Christian ministries which serve teen moms, single parents, and families affected by a crisis pregnancy.

Roe No More — Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe" of Roe vs. Wade) shares her testimony about her crisis pregnancies, her new life in Christ, and her prolife ministry.

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