Sharing Faith: “A Friend Is a Tangible Reminder of God”

Sara* was matched as Ruth*’s Friend soon after Ruth found out she was pregnant.

Sara: A Friend’s Story

Both my husband and I became believers after a turbulent time in our marriage. Today we have four adopted children and have also served as foster parents.

As a teenager, I had an unplanned pregnancy and did not choose life. I don’t want other young women to feel they have to make that choice. So when I heard about Birthmothers on the radio, I went to training. Being a Friend is one way I can live out my prolife convictions and walk alongside someone who needs support.

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Ruth is my second Friend match. She became a Christian while in college and had a fierce hunger to know more about God. In looking for others who were diligently seeking Him, she encountered a small group of college peers who professed to be Christian. She joined their organization, but in due time, their actions and intimidation revealed that while they knew of Jesus they were far from an understanding of His love. Shortly after Ruth broke away from the group, during a period of spiritual vulnerability, she met the birth father and was led down a road of deception into a relationship she had never intended. After about four months, she began to see that the birth father manipulated scripture to suit  his own personal desires and found the strength to leave that relationship.

Right from the start I could tell that Ruth wanted to make the wisest decisions possible, even though her journey had been difficult. She is an incredibly capable person and good at finding resources on her own. As her Friend, I simply tried to help Ruth process information. She and I took walks, got together for coffee or a bite to eat, and talked a lot. We prayed together and regularly exchanged devotionals by email. Ruth carefully weighed adoption and parenting – we even attended an adoption information class together. She eventually resigned from her job at an international financial institution in order to raise her child.

Ruth gave birth to a healthy baby girl and now lives at home with her parents while deciding her next step. She is in a strong church and has surrounded herself with believers who speak truth into her life. We continue to talk and see each other. Being a Friend is a great way to walk alongside someone and show them the love of Christ. If you’re looking for a way to serve or thinking of a way to impact the cause for life, this is it.

Ruth: A Birth Mom’s Story

God gets all the credit for bringing Sara into my life. When we first met, she shared her own life story and listened to mine. I realize that I cannot share my testimony with everyone because while many may understand the concept of spiritual warfare, few actually understand its reality. Thankfully, I have been able to tell Sara my story and never once felt judged or misunderstood. Rather, I feel very free with her. She is a woman after God’s own heart, rooted in His truth and love.

Unfortunately, I was unable to keep my job because as a new employee I did not qualify for maternity leave. I currently live at home with my family and am raising my daughter. The rest of my family is not Christian and that made for tense moments, as they could not identify with my struggles from a biblical perspective. However, I rest on the fact that God does not make mistakes and I know He placed me in this family for a reason. He is using everything I experienced –  both good and bad  — to make my heart look more like His so I can effectively share that there is a free gift in Christ. He graciously provided me with a friend in Sara during a critical time in my pregnancy, equipping her with the necessary perspective, encouragement, and guidance I needed. I consider her to be my spiritual sister. It is a relief to know there is someone with me, holding up the shield of the Spirit and the sword of the Word. I don’t have to do this alone. A Birthmothers Friend, like Sara, is a tangible reminder that God is with me.

*Names changed to protect confidentiality



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