Show Compassion: A Key to Building a Culture of Life

For You From The Word

Create in me a new, clean heart, O God. (Psalm 51:10, TLB)

For You To Think About

In January we commenmorate the Sanctity of Human Life

newborn handNo matter what position a person takes when it comes to the right to life debate, all can agree on an important point: we can join together in demonstrating compassion for those who face an unplanned pregnancy.

“Building a culture of life requires more than law,” said President George W. Bush. “It requires changing hearts.”

Our nation is already taking powerful steps in joining together to cultivate and change our nation’s heart for life by:

  • passing laws that promote adoption
  • extending legal protection to children who are born despite abortion attempts
  • helping pregnant teens to continue their education
  • providing caring people who support women and men who face an unplanned pregnancy

When people show compassion, hearts can change. When hearts are changed, a culture can change. Acts of compassion help build a culture of life.

For You To Pray

Change hearts in our nation, Lord God. Let us value life. Amen.


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