Three Ways To Praise the Creator

For You From The Word

Sing to the LORD! Give praise to the LORD! He rescues the life of the needy from the hands of the wicked.
(Jeremiah 20:13)

For You To Think About

woman praying in a fieldJeremiah shared God’s prophetic message with the people of Judah during a time of great darkness. Because Jeremiah’s words to the people were harsh and judgmental, he has been called “The Weeping Prophet.”

Jeremiah’s declarations stemmed not from a negative personality or despair. Rather, he proclaimed the truth about God. He longed for the Hebrews to live in victory born out of truth. Woven into Jeremiah’s admonitions are words of unshakable hope.

Today, at a time when the value of life is diminished in the courts and the culture, The Weeping Prophet models for us the power of praise. God is calling us to praise Him for –
• His creative power (Jeremiah 10:16)
• His strength to overcome evil (Jeremiah 16:19)
• His love for each life He created (Jeremiah 20:13)

For You To Pray

Almighty God,

I praise You for creating every life. You rescue those in need, including pregnant women and their unborn children. Strengthen my hope in You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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