Tips For Presenting Abortion Alternatives

If someone you know faces an unplanned pregnancy and is abortion-minded, consider presenting alternatives. These practical tips may help.

1. Be a friend. Most women who face an unplanned pregnancy experience isolation and rejection. In fact, 83% post-abortive women say they would have made a different choice if they’d had support from a partner, family member, or special person during pregnancy. Check in with her often. Earn the right to be heard. Put her in touch with Birthmothers so she can be matched one-on-one with a trained Friend who will walk with her during her ordeal.

2. Practice acceptance.  Tell her you’ll stand by her, no matter what her choice. 

3. Show her hope. Introduce her to women who were abortion-minded but ultimately chose to give birth.

4. Arrange for an ultrasound. Eight out of ten pregnancy care centers report that abortion-minded women decide to keep their babies after seeing ultrasound images. Offer to schedule and accompany her to an appointment.

5. Describe available services. Finances may be deterring her from carrying the pregnancy to term. Have information ready to share about resources offered to pregnant women, including medical aid, temporary shelter, transportation, food stamps, nutrition programs, and legal aid. Explain how you can help her access these services. Contact Birthmothers for a list of resources in your area.

6. Offer the adoption option. Ask, “How might you feel about helping to build a family?” Describe the benefits of choosing to place her child, including access to medical coverage, the opportunity to select and meet adoptive parents, and variety of arrangements available through open adoption.

7. Project the future.  Encourage her to look beyond her present situation.  Remind her that life brings different opportunities each day and each week.  Say, “I know you’re hurting right now. But five years from now, how might you feel about having had an abortion?”

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