Victory: An Entire Country’s Population Saved Last Year

For You From The Word

May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God. (Psalm 20:5, NIV)

For You To Think About

In January we commemorate the Sanctity of Human Life

group victoryWe have cause for celebration in the fight for life.

Today, there are 550,110 fewer abortions per year in the U.S. than there were in 1990 (the year with the most abortions.)

That is more than half a million lives saved each year – exceeding than the population of 50 of world’s smallest countries, including Iceland and the Bahamas.

The war has not yet been won, but God calls us to celebrate victories along the way. And this surely is one!

For You to Pray

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for lives saved in the fight for life. We celebrate Your victory and ask You to win the war. Amen.

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