What a Pregnant Teen Needs Most

For You From A Word

See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. (Matthew 18:10)

For You To Think About

worried teenTeenagers who face an unplanned pregnancy are in a special situation.

They’re not longer children themselves, yet they’re not quite adults. Naturally, these young people need basic support that all pregnant women need, such as a plan and good medical care.

Yet there are a few particular areas in which a pregnant teenager needs special attention as she faces the future.

  • Support to finish high school. It’s hard to do both – take care of a baby and go to school. That’s why more than half of all teen moms drop out. Those without a high school diploma have about 79% higher rate of unemployment than those who do. Do everything you can to encourage pregnant teens to finish their high school education and even go beyond it to technical school or college.
  • Information about contraception. Teens often don’t have a basic understanding about pregnancy happens. About one-fourth of all teen moms have a second child within 2 years of their first. A second pregnancy could make the immediate future even more difficult for a teen mom.
  • Understanding of the birth father’s role. Teen mothers need a caring, listening ear to help them sort out the role of the birth father in their lives and the lives of their children. Eight out of 10 teen fathers don’t marry the mother of their child. Further, these absent fathers pay less than $800 annually for child support.
  • Acceptance. Insecurity rages in adolescents – and can take on colossal proportions for a girl who discovers she is pregnant. More than anything, a pregnant teen needs to know she is accepted and loved just as she is.

For You to Pray

Loving Father,
Give me Your attitude of grace and love to pregnant teenagers. Show me ways I can provide the specific kinds of support they need.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

More Ways to Support Pregnant Teens

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