4 Trends in the Pro-Life Battle

For You From The Word

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. (Hebrews 10:36)

For You To Think About

worship handsLatest news and statistics show that the persistent pro-life battle is gaining ground in the hearts and minds of Americans.

  • There is a pro-life majority in America. In a January 2011 Fox News poll, 50% of Americans say they are pro-life. Just 42% identify themselves pro-choice. This represents a significant shift over the last decade, when in 2000 just 38% Americans identified themselves as pro-life.
  • There is pro-life passion in young people. Teenagers and young adults are embracing the fight for life. Overwhelming demand has led March for Life organizers to add a Youth Rally in order accommodate more  young people.
  • There is reduced access to abortion. The number of abortion providers has declined 40% in the last 25 years, from a high of nearly 3,000 in 1982 to fewer than 1,800 today.
  • There is a nationwide desire to restrict abortion. 86% Americans favor significantly restricting abortion.

God’s truth prevails. He uses us to persevere in spreading it.

For You To Pray

God of truth,
Help Your people persevere in the prolife battle.
Let Your truth be heard and embraced throughout this land.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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