Need A Friend? cards

Need A Friend? cards are business cards given to anyone who faces an unplanned pregnancy. The card offers a simple explanation of how a Friend can help a pregnant woman. The card also provides Birthmothers contact information.

Need A Friend FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How does Birthmothers use Need A Friend cards?

Need a Friend cardThe cards are a part of our ongoing grassroots campaign to reach more women who face an unplanned pregnancy. Birthmothers uses the cards to penetrate the marketplace with our name and services so women know we are here for them.  The cards are simple, to-the-point, convenient to carry, and easy to share.

Q. How can I get a supply of Need A Friend cards?

Contact Birthmothers (1.844.77BIRTH or by email). We’ll get a supply of Need A Friend? cards into your hands at no cost.

Q. How can I use Need A Friend cards?

  • Give them to anyone you know or meet who is pregnant
  • Share them with friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers
  • Make sure your pastor and your church has a supply
  • Post the cards on community bulletin boards in local coffee houses, libraries, pools, grocery stores and other public locations
  • Give them to doctors, school officials, and clinic staff

Q. Can I supply a location regularly with the cards?

Yes! Make sure you request permission to post the cards at your church, doctor’s office, school, clinic, or other location. Birthmothers will provide a card display rack for you to post along with cards. Make arrangements to check the location regularly to replenish the card supply.

Q. Why are Need A Friend? cards so important?

We’ve discovered that a significant number of our referrals come from word-of-mouth and grassroots efforts. The cards are an effective way we get the word out about our services to women in need. We count on passionate volunteers and supporters like you to share the cards with those in your circle of influence … so that more women will hear about Birthmothers and call our helpline.

Thank you for helping us get the word out about Birthmothers and our services to women and families in need. Contact Birthmothers for more information about Need A Friend? cards and to get a supply.

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