Help Birthmothers Reach Women, Save Lives This Year

Dear valued friend of Birthmothers,

pregnant woman black and whiteFor more than a decade, Birthmothers has served women, men and families who face the challenge of an unplanned pregnancy by providing them with the one-on-one unconditional support of a Friend. 95% those we serve choose life … some making an adoption plan, and many redirecting their lives to follow Christ more closely. (Help us continue that work in the coming year.)

These tough economic times have been hard for Birthmothers. Your gift will allow us to continue to offer life-changing, one-on-one support for those who face an unplanned pregnancy. (Give here .)

How Your Gift Saves Actual Lives

Just a few days ago we received a call from a 19-year-old college sophomore who is four months pregnant. We are matching her with a Friend to help her navigate her life options, including adoption.

Your gift allows us to serve this young lady and others like her who face an unplanned pregnancy – those who might might a difference choice if they did not have the support of a Birthmothers Friend. Your gift saves more babies’ lives. Pregnant women and their partners matched with a Birthmothers Friend overwhelmingly choose life because they receive love and support they need.

I saw the impact of this unconditional love firsthand in July 1991, when God opened the door for my wife Tami and me to adopt the baby of a high school freshman. This young birth mom simply needed love and support to choose life. Because she had support and encouragement, she gave birth to our son.

In the process, God gave me a passion for the women (and men) who face an unplanned pregnancy and their precious unborn children. Women do not want to terminate their pregnancies. There is a better choice – and one that works – the choice to be matched with a Birthmothers Friend. Will you help us offer women a real choice for life with a generous year-end gift to Birthmothers? (Donate here.)

Your Gift Saves Lives and Changes the Culture

We’re especially seeking partners who will give a monthly gift to cover our regular operating expenses (whether it’s $250, $100, $50, or $25 per month) – and partners who will provide a generous year-end gift to help us finish 2013 strong.  (Give here.)

Your gift will do much to help individual women and families and also accelerate the great movement in America embracing a culture of life. Your stand for life is needed now more than ever before. Will you join me today and help?

We’re trusting God to provide for this beautiful, powerful ministry through generous partners like you. Give today .

Thank you.

Serving with you,

Jim Wright, Founder, President & Volunteer

P.S. Your gift is tax-deductible. You can give safely and conveniently here . Thank you once again!


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