How Pregnant Women Find Birthmothers

We have worked hard to help pregnant women to learn about us – whether they are local or live a considerable distance from a Birthmothers location.

two women talking at officeLocally, we telephone and visit government agencies, churches, pregnancy care centers, adoption organizations, doctors, medical clinics, women’s groups, mother’s groups, youth ministries, coffee shops and anywhere else we can think of so we can explain that Birthmothers provides the missing link of a Friend to walk with a woman one-on-one during an unplanned pregnancy. We ask for permission to display our brochures and business cards.

If the first contact doesn’t work, we persist. Sometimes success lies in simply connecting with the right person in an organization, whether it’s the director of client services, the office manager, or the leader herself.

Increasingly, women who live long-distance from Birthmothers  find us through Birthmothers’ websites, referrals, churches, clinics, agencies, and other partners. Thanks to today’s technology, we are able to provide them support as they face an unplanned pregnancy.

Women who face an unplanned pregnancy need a Friend. We make every effort to let them know we’re here and available to offer one.

Birthmothers uses volunteers to help spread the word about its one-on-one services to pregnant women. Learn how you can help promote the ministry.

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