Phone Prayers Help Birth Mom Yield to God

Phone Prayers Help Birth Mom Yield to God

Beth faced multiple challenges with her new baby daughter. She didn’t realize she was pregnant until she gave birth – in her own bathroom. Beth also struggled with obtaining child support from the birth dad. She lacked transportation and a job. And she had little encouragement from family and friends.

woman prayingSo being matched with her Birthmothers Friend, Sheri, gave Beth access to resources to help her cope. And in that relationship, Beth also found a new foundation that yields strength.

“Right from the start, I made sure every time we had a conversation that I offered to pray with Beth,” says Sheri. The birth mom and Friend also attended church together, and Beth has worshipped with other friends in the community.

But it’s prayers over the phone that have been a constant in this special relationship. “Based on the phone call, I pray requests that seem most needed for Beth at the moment,” says Sheri. The women have prayed together for Beth’s strength, wisdom, her financial situation, and special circumstances her children face.

One particular source of discouragement has resurfaced often: the absent birth dad. But as the two women talked and prayed through Beth’s isolation, she has come to accept God’s strength to deal with that abandonment.

“We’ve prayed about her disappointments often, and Beth has come to the place where she understands that God is control,” says Sheri. “And at the end of our prayers, she always says, ‘Amen.’”

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